Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Human rights stories: Oldest death row inmate dies

Let’s assume you had in your hands the same key and with it time and desire to see better that rest.
We have to dig through the forgotten dust and read tiny stories.
Of a soul who was abused at home, for example.
Another story in a few words, other meanings, other keys.
Then be brave, let’s advance, door by door, and let’s find a young man with mental illness.
Yes, I know, that is a prelude to rhetorical scenarios, not original repertoire and all debased to conquer the soft areas of the jury.
But what we do if all this was true?
Then let’s proceed until there is more light in the dark, or perhaps the opposite. And we see a thirty-six year old man, exactly how many separate him from the last paragraph of his life, entering a mini market to steal.

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