Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Human Rights Stories about the poor

The eyes become witnesses, they build memory, defining precisely the past and the present, pointing at the future with the concreteness it deserves.
Consequently, from that moment, words and gestures will be different and many will notice it.
Not just the poor.
For this reason, when the poor see, it suddenly happens they look at each other.
Therefore they start to count and understand each other in the right light, stopping the action that’s necessary for everyone but them.
Imagine that scene paused, freezing this abstruseness for the last, definitive time.
Incoming fade: brother hitting brother, while behind the two the true thief of the world flees with the stolen goods taken away from their home, to stand up later as a bulwark of the loot.
At his house...

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Human Rights Stories about Humanitarian Aid

Then they were all arrested, I repeat, all those who in the past voted for political leaders enriched by cheating anyone without scruples, also entire countries.
Consider this too as an update, or completion of the much-celebrated right to vote: once you reach the age required, you have the right to vote... only honest citizens.
Otherwise, what are we talking about?
In fact, but I get there.
After that, there was the arrest of anyone who had purchased products of trademarks guilty of any of the crimes typical of companies, especially corporations: exploitation of child labor, pollution, failure to respect human rights, your choice.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Human Rights Stories of poor and poorest

Of course, a handful of reckless on a plate and billions of short-lived existences on the other is an unacceptable image, but the ringing contradiction regarded the scale itself, held in the hands of the missing half. Compared to a population of seven and a half billion people, three billion and seven hundred thousand unfortunates and the famous forty-two, we could fill entire continents with the rest. To be precise, three billion and eight hundred thousand lives, in short us.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Human rights stories about modern slaves

In a room of this world, then, they screamed and laughed, offending and blaming, throwing out lies and taking advantage of millions of lives as if they were just words. On these they used to build laws and alliances, power and wealth, pretexts for wars or simple publicly tolerated martyrs. Once upon a time there was a world as big as a house is. A world, like the latter, composed of rooms. In each one of them there was someone who lived and undisturbed enjoyed his alleged fortunes rained down from heaven, as if in the room there wasn’t also a cell with a prisoner inside, waiting to be sacrificed for the status quo...

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Human rights stories: the law of migrants

The are many, my dear friend, even more, enough to compose a tale, where a doctor has clean shirts and skilled hands intended for patients whose citizenship has no bearing on the recipe.
We could quote a certain Hippocrates oath, but the norm introduced is adequate.
In fact, it obliges any agent of public security to guarantee the latter to everybody as a unique and priority mission, protecting the defenseless from real danger and not from their own fear, preventing them from being hurt by concrete abuses and not generated by lies injected into the heart, assuring the safety of their own kind and not of their phobia for the unknown.
For all that there is the doctor mentioned above, in this case specialized in the much underrated virus of the mind...

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